Bring the party to every event with The Elan Collective Bar Tool Set


“Who’s behind the stick?” is a common question overheard in bars, and refers to the person who skillfully creates every drink from basic cocktails to artisanal libations.
Have you ever watched a professional bartender perform before a crowd and wished you could do what he did? Whether you’re alone or in the company of family or friends, you can capture that experience of being “Behind The Stick” with The Elan Collective ensemble of select bar tools.



What’s in the box of The Elan Collective Cocktail Shaker Set?

A pair of Boston Shakers:  The unweighted 18oz shaker locks snugly into the weighted 28oz shaker during mixing, and releases effortlessly when tapped.
Japanese Double Jigger: Unlike classic wide-brimmed jiggers, our version is elegantly tall and slim to prevent liquid from splashing around. It contains up to 1oz or 1.5oz per shot, with inner markings for accurate measurements.
European-style Bar Spoon: The slender, spiral handle is easy to twirl during stirring. One end has a spoon to layer drinks or mash fruits while the other has a flat disk that stands on its own when not in use and doubles as a muddler.
Hawthorne Strainer:  Position over the mouth of a glass or shaker to strain solid ingredients such as ice or mashed fruit and herbs so you can enjoy a smooth, long drink without the snags.
Contemporary Bar Muddler: Mash, grind, and instantly release the individual flavors and aroma of your favorite fruit, leaves, or herbs to create unique and refreshing cocktails.

Extra touches inside the box

Packaged in an elegant custom box, The Elan Collective Bar Tool Set comes with a free polishing cloth to keep your bar tools in mint condition. It also includes an insert card where we share the secret to creating inspired cocktails using our Simple and Classic cocktail philosophy.

Unleash your creativity


Mix your own Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Mojito, Boulevardier, Mai Tai, Tom Collins, Tequila Sunrise, Old Fashioned, Negroni and so much more! Matt’s and Oliver’s favorite is a Manhattan with a bit of Apricot Liqueur -- try it next time!

Get “Behind The Stick”!

Take charge and be the next person creating amazing handcrafted drinks for every event or party - get your own Bar Tool Set from The Elan Collective.