Upgrade your Gin and Tonic!

Happy Gin & Tonic Day!

We have had a lot of fun watching the growing popularity of Gin and Tonic in Germany, our second home, over the previous years. May restaurants and 'Kneipen' (pubs) who would only serve beer and wine, or just a few basic cocktails have started to list a great variety of high quality craft gins and some good tonics on their menus. Also, this 'New Gin Wave' has prompted the birth of many new Gin distilleries, one of which we are featuring today.


Gin Sul, is the only Gin that is distilled in Hamburg, the second home of The Elan Collective. It is made from Portuguese lemons and botanicals, most prominently cistus ladanifer, also called gum rock rose or laudanum (Lack-Zistrose in German). It produces a resin, that lends Gin Sul its unique flavor, along with the lemons, rosemary and juniper berries.

We were thrilled as family visitors from Hamburg recently brought us one of the unique clay bottles, since it is not easily available here in the Boston area.



So for Gin and Tonic Day, of course we use Gin Sul and Fever-Tree tonic, add a squeeze of lime and enjoy it on the Rocks. A perfect drink for a crisp early fall day.

But wait, there's that bottle of Shiso liqueur on the top shelf of our home bar, from National Liqueur Day earlier this week. Citrusy and herbal... That could work well..



We added just a dash of the Shiso to our G&T and wow, it worked spectacularly well. The herbaceous, citrusy flavors of the Gin Sul and the Shiso really complement each other, the drink somehow becomes lighter and more complex at the same time.

If you don't have Shiso Liqueur handy, invent your own twist on your G&T, look through your bar and let us know how you elevated your drink today.


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