• STAINLESS STEEL FILTER CONE: This coffee filter by The Elan Collective is the absolute must-have for every coffee-enthusiast. A delicious and full flavored cup of coffee simply made by yourself.
  • SPECIAL PERCOLATOR BASKET: This cone coffee filter has double filter laser cuts which allows more oils and aromatics through. With a food grade of 18/8 you will enjoy this cup of coffee to the fullest
  • BE ECO-FRIENDLY: The Elan Collective premium coffee brewer doesn’t need any paper filters. It’s portable and super easy-to-use. Reuse it over and over. The packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • SILICONE RING BASE FOR THE PERFECT FIT: The unique design of this brewing filter ensures the ultimate fit for carafes and mugs. A stable brewing with a consistent flow, without making a big mess.
  • THE IDEAL GIFT IDEA: This handy brewer is the perfect gift idea for those who love coffee. Add this necessary piece to your kitchen or simply to your office. The perfect housewarming gift, we promise.